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The Beginners Guide to Painting

The process of painting can seem difficult, but the process is one that allows people to express their feelings and emotions. You can express anything from pure happiness up to a frightful anger. All have been exposed to some form of art. The teacher you liked in primary school might have taught it, the middle school teacher annoyingly middle aged or your high-school teacher influencing your future career. It’s possible that you have been introduced to painting through a group class. Nonetheless, it is likely that at one point or another in your past you took The Tingology Class on how to paint.

Use acrylics or watercolors to start if you have less experience. You probably don’t have any idea of what you are doing if this is your first time. When you become more proficient, try oil paints. The use of water with watercolors is great. Visit your local Joanne’s Store, Michael’s Store or another craft store to find the correct type of water colour paper. Acrylic paints don’t require watering down, and they can last months or even weeks.

Second, get a canvas panel. For beginners, you will want to start with a canvas panel before moving onto stretched canvas. Choose the brush. While brushes might seem insignificant, they actually can be the difference between a good painting and a bad one. If you want to know more, talk with your art supplier. The size and the material of the brush are both important. The bristles of a cheap brush will show up on the paint, which is not what you want. After using your brush, wash it.